Want to enjoy French cuisine in Wan Chai, Hong Kong? 

The first French fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong to be opened this July by Chef Edward Voon and his co-owners (previously the executive Chef of LE PAN) is Chef Edward’s first venture.

Inspired by the cycle of life and time, Auor fuses the past and present into the current, showcasing life and diversity at Auor. The author, according to co-owner Edward Voon and Chef Edward Voon, is about two people coming together to share a moment of Asian “flavors.”

What does Auor’s interior look like

The author, designed by chef-proprietor Edward Voon, highlights the symmetry found in circles.

Imagine yourself walking through a rotunda with radial patterns and seasonal flowers that welcome you to an atmosphere of umber and gold in a dome.

The curved walls are lined with warm wood, the carpets are textured, and a modern edge is created by the interplay between brass, leather, and graphite, as well as a terrace that adds lightness.

The main room has round tables that can seat four people each, while the private dining rooms each seat six people. Each round table represents the symmetry of life at or.

The best seats for foodies will be at the Chef’s table, which can seat up to 10 people with an open view into the kitchen.

What can I expect from Auor?

The six-course tasting experience at Auor is paced in accordance with the 24 solar terms on the Chinese calendar. It begins with “I. The six-course tasting menu at Auor starts with “I. Rain is nature’s way of preparing for sunshine and growth.

The dishes I create are inspired by the conversations I have with my friends or the music that is playing. Words and music inspire me to discover uncharted territories. As guests board the French train, they will experience a culinary journey through time.

Chef Edward Voon

The menu continues with “I”. The menu continues with “I” I. and “D”versity” “s a reflection on Chef VoVoon’sarly years spent in the chaotic cities of Singapore, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

“V” “V” Memory is a nostalgic and blissful bow to the past, the final course of the life cycle.

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